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My Cross

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. I’m letting you know now so you can think about it and prepare for it, if you typically participate in this 40-day faith journey each year (or want to join for … Continue reading

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Wheat and Weeds

It’s an uncomfortable story; a parable. In Matthew 13, Jesus said that the kingdom of the heavens is like a man who sowed wheat in a field, but while the workers were sleeping an enemy slipped in and sowed weeds … Continue reading

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Paid and Made

Recently, one of our pastors made the following comment: “A career is what you’re paid for; a calling is what you’re made for.” It’s catchy and it has stuck with me. Not everyone gets to combine their career and their … Continue reading

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Moral Failure

It happens every day. It happened again today within my orbit of colleagues, friends, and connections. Moral failure. Sometimes it’s financial. Sometimes it’s criminal. Oftentimes, perhaps most times, it’s sexual. This is not the place for armchair quarterbacking, as though … Continue reading

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Where are you looking?

Look what’s going on! It’s easy and common for us to feel just a little jaded, even afraid. Everything around us seems out of control. Iran, Iraq, and the Middle East are in turmoil … and looking our way. Depending … Continue reading

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Seeing Like Simeon

Some people barely see the world around them. They fly through life at such pace that they observe nothing. Others see only the world around them. They see the obvious. But a few people — and only a few people … Continue reading

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Festive Stress

Festive stress. Yes, it’s a term. It sounds ironic to put the words festivity (celebration) and stress together, but so many of us know just how true it is. This Christmas season is upon us, and for some of us … Continue reading

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