About me and this blog

David Timms - 2015 (1)Welcome to Because of Grace. If you desire more from the Christian life and a deeper walk with Christ than you’ve experienced thus far, perhaps this blog will resonate with you.

My name is David Timms. I’m Australian and married since 1985 to my life partner, Kim. We’ve been in pastoral ministry, church planting, and Christian leadership since 1984. These days I teach Bible and theology and get to work (as a Dean) with a great group of faculty at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California.

I publish Because of Grace on topics related to our spiritual formation. It’s the grace of God that calls us into His Kingdom in the first place, and His grace nurtures, sustains, and forms us thereafter. We’d be sunk without it!

I invite you to subscribe to this blog and have it delivered to your email (if that’s easiest for you).

Check out my website (www.growingdeeper.com) for more information about me and some books I’ve written. Follow me on Twitter (@growingdeeper). You can contact me easily through david@growingdeeper.com. I’m glad to chat as time allows.

I look forward to the Journey with you!


14 Responses to About me and this blog

  1. Peter Heng says:

    HI David!

    It’s me Peter. I didn’t know that you are no longer at Hope. It’s been a while. Right now, I’m in a process of launching my mobile marketing business. Hope we can chat a bit and catch up.

  2. William Mathes says:

    Thanks for letting me know of this new venture. I appreciated your HOPE writings so very much and sorely missed them. Am looking forward to your wonderfully expressed insights!!
    Most sincerely,
    W. T. Mathes

  3. Christine Bailey says:

    Because of grace we can walk each day in the light of Christ and his forgiveness – Yeah. Looking forward to reading your journey, always a blessing

    Chris Bailey, Perth

  4. Dick and Doris Mecone says:

    Hi David,
    It’s so good go have you back with us… You have been a “Treasure” to our lives. Your consistency has sparked more consistency in both Doris and myself. I am now writing a short daily encouragement to my friends/relatives and others. I use the “Message Bible”. We have received a great deal of support and commentary… Thank you for being so open…
    Dick and Doris

  5. becky m. says:

    Dr. Timms,
    You have been missed, but glad to see your back. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and perspective. One of the things I appreciate about you is your heart for our Lord, and your willingness to allow us to share with you and ask for prayer.
    Rebecca M.

  6. Hey Dr. Timms! I am encouraged to continue to receive your blogs. Thanks for helping me with my application to George Foxs’ Doctoral Program, I am in my first year with Dr. Sweet right now.

    Also, I am guest blogging for Western Seminary….


    Much of what I write about on it I learned from you. Thanks!


    • David Timms says:

      Hi Shane, just now saw your post. It went to my junk folder initially. I’m delighted for you that you’re enjoying George Fox’s program. I love your heart to learn, serve, and lead. Blessings, my friend.

  7. mvhuff says:

    Looks like the website is expired or something.
    Just finished your book on the Lord’s prayer and feel the need to reread it – so much to unpack! Thanks for writing it.

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