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End of a Season: THANKS!

Dear friends – I have decided that Because of GraceĀ (this blog) has run its course. Well over 1,000 of you have generously received my blog posts — many of you for many years. I am grateful beyond words for your … Continue reading

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World’s Toughest Marathon

When John Kelly and Gary Robbins lined up for last year’s Barkley Marathons (2017), little could they know the drama at the end. The Barkley Marathons is perhaps the most grueling race in the United States. It is, in fact, … Continue reading

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Shape Your World

Dear friends, I’ve been a littleĀ  quiet on the blog posts in recent times because I’ve been working on completing my latest book, which I’m pleased to say has been released on Amazon today. Leadership happens anytime one person influences … Continue reading

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Gotta Die First

We LOVE stories of escape and survival (and the occasional Hallmark movie). Think of Steve McQueen and James Garner in the 1963 classic The Great Escape. Those of us old enough to remember it have probably watched it more than … Continue reading

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Distance & Desolation

Some days we feel the Presence of God as tangibly as a hand on our shoulder. Other days we’re traipsing alone through Death Valley under a scorching sun. Spiritual distance and desolation may come our way for a day, a … Continue reading

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The Next 10 Minutes

Many of us live sufficiently far in the future that we lose sight of the present moment. The “go-getters” make plans, set up calendars, have appointments, and organize their schedules. Always another meeting to attend, another place to get to, … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Sin

Sin is rarely spontaneous. Vice usually has a history. When we “fall” it’s usually because we’ve been dragging along the bottom for a while. Picture the iceberg. The 10% tip that floats above the waterline belies the 90% of ice … Continue reading

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