Lent – Day 34 – Jesus Questions

“Why all this weeping and commotion?” (Mark 5:39)

Sometimes we just don’t see it coming!

The 12-year-old daughter of Jairus, a beloved synagogue official, has died. Jairus had rushed to reach Jesus in time, but failed. And while he tried to hustle Jesus to his home, word came from the house: “She’s dead.”

Jairus daughterThe custom of the day involved professional mourners who would rally quickly to the home and start very public grieving on behalf of the family. The noise and commotion drew attention from the entire community. It told everyone that death had visited that home and family.

When Jesus arrived, the weeping and wailing was in full swing. Then Jesus asked the odd question: “Why all this weeping and commotion?”

Wasn’t it obvious? There’s only one reason why people do this. Jesus then stuns the crowd with this follow-up statement: “The child has not died, but is asleep.” Are we to think that the professionals had missed something? Were they so unfamiliar with death that they could make this kind of mistake? Hardly.

But Jesus dismisses the scoffing crowd, quietly enters the room where the girl’s body rested, took her hand…and raised her to life.

I read this story and put myself in the shoes of Jairus. I can feel the desperation to find help for his daughter. Any parent knows that urgency. I can feel the deep grief at word that his daughter had died; that stunned moment when time stands still and the world seems to stop. I can feel the confusion as Jesus shuts down the wake. What’s He doing?? And then I can feel the utter elation as his daughter is restored to life. Tears of sorrow turn to tears of indescribable joy.

What a day! Who could have imagined for a moment that the fear of the morning and the tragedy of the afternoon would turn to such joy in the evening?

“Why all this weeping and commotion?”

Well, I have good reasons for making my own commotion! Fear, hurt, disappointment, or simple irritation are plenty reason enough for a little carry-on on my part. And my commotion always feels entirely justified in the moment.

But Jesus sees more than I do. He has a different perspective. What I sense is an end, He recognizes as merely a new beginning. While I want to draw everyone’s attention to my plight, He gently shuts down the wake, quietly enters the situation and invites me into a resurrection experience. A miracle takes shape. But it usually starts at the same place that it started with Jairus.

“And Jairus came to Jesus, and seeing Him, fell at His feet, and entreated Him earnestly…” (Mark 5:22-23).

He came. He saw. He humbled himself. He asked…. And he received.

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2 Responses to Lent – Day 34 – Jesus Questions

  1. Heide Costa says:

    He came. He saw. He humbled himself. He asked…. And he received

    David, thank you for this teaching and this whole Lenten series… What an enriching experience this has been for me this year. 🙏
    I recently made a decision to help a woman who is afflicted with a mental illness… My intentions were good…
    The act of caring and loving was witnessed by our Lord and others, and yet, recently “backfired”. Now in their place is drama, lies and confusion. The enemy is called out, in Jesus’ name, and I claim this child of God FOR God…
    And, I am confessing, through these events, I learned a valuable lesson about my own judging in the secrecy of my own mind (which our Lord knows…). I have been hugely humbled, I have been emotionally distraught, and I have been challenged to again trust in the Lord having “my back” and bringing good to something which was meant for evil towards me…
    “He came. He saw. He humbled himself. He asked…. And he received.”
    I am like Jairus through this recent upheaval – these words are striking me quite deeply. I’ve learned about areas I want to grow in my faith and my heart towards others and myself even – and I’ve learned a new level of support from the Lord and from the people in my life. I am richly blessed, and I hope (and intend) to NEVER take this for granted.
    If any reading this would be willing to pray with me for the lady who is oppressed – please do, and thank you. Her name is Donna Marie and she is precious and loved by the Lord, and the enemy has been using her in deviant, harmful ways. I pray that she know how special, loved and wanted she is by Jesus. Let her know Christ’s love for her. She is not a toy for the enemy, and she will receive the Lords protection if she asks… I pray she asks for Him.
    Thank you David, I am so moved by this message 🙏 God bless you brother and friend.
    Jesus came riding in today on a donkey ~ to save, to love, to redeem us all, while we were yet sinners…

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