Sacred Waiting (Special Offer)

Dear friends –

In 2009 I wrote a book titled Sacred Waiting: Waiting on God in a World That Waits for Nothing (Bethany House). The first half of the book looks at the lives of five key biblical figures and their experience of waiting on God. The second half of the book explores what we can learn about waiting on God through some of the Church’s core liturgical calendar (Advent, Lent, Easter, Pentecost).

sacred-waitingI’m happy to advise that for the next 5 days (until Nov 22) an e-copy of the book can be downloaded for $0.99 ! Just go to most major online vendors, including Amazon. You can get it here.

By the way, I’ve not written for Because of Grace for the past two months, in part because I’ve been partnering with some faculty here at William Jessup University to launch a new leadership blog titled On Ramp. If you are interested, you can find that blog at I plan to return to this blog shortly!



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5 Responses to Sacred Waiting (Special Offer)

  1. Joyce Allan says:

    Hi, David! I will cheerfully check into the new blog, “On Ramp”. But I’m grateful that you will be continuing “Because of Grace” as well. You have provided countless devotional and study moments for me, and I always trust your writings to inform and challenge my thinking! Thank you!

    Joyce Allan

  2. Thanks for the eBook special. Love your writing!

  3. Marica says:

    Thank you, Dr. Timms. Something I really need right now.

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