Lent – Day 26 – Reflections Through Romans

“So faith comes by hearing the message concerning Christ.” (Romans 10:17)

RomansI need faith. Everything within me needs to trust something greater than me. After five decades of living, one thing has become clear. I control very little … or nothing.

The Psalmist wrote, “I lift up my eyes to the hills. Where does my help come from?” (Psalm 121:1)

In the ancient world, hilltops often provided sites for idolatry. Shrines to false gods, and temples to pagan deities, commonly dotted the “high places.” The Psalmist, like us all, realized his limitations. Where could he find real help and hope?

We all need faith; more of it, and more of it more often. But whom shall we trust? Whose word is accurate? Whose character is beyond reproach? Whose power is sufficient?

Wired into each of us is a need to have faith in something or in someone. But what? Ourselves? Our credentials? Our retirement accounts? Our friends? Our church?

In Romans 10:17, the Apostle Paul declares that the faith that sustains and transforms us, is faith in Christ. Who is this Jesus? The Bible paints an extraordinary picture of Him.

He is …

The Son of God–loved by God and revealing God’s love to us;
The Son of Man who stands before the Ancient of Days;
The Redeemer who purchases us from slavery;
The Savior who erases our guilt and shame;
The King of Kings who stands above all rulers and authorities;
The Lord of Lords who claims dominion over everything;
The Alpha & the Omega who transcends time itself;
The Beginning & the End of all things that matter;
The Teacher who guides us in Kingdom-living.

He is …

The Prophet who declares the will and the way of God to us;
The Great High Priest who ministers to us;
The Lamb of God who gave Himself for us;
The Ransom for hostage humanity;
The Apostle whom the Father sent;
The Radiance of God’s Glory;
The Lion of Judah who destroys God’s enemies;
The Creator of everything we see;
The Sustainer of every heartbeat and every breath.

He is …

The Second Adam who reboots God’s story with humanity;
The Head of the Church who directs and protects the Body.
The exact representation of God’s nature;
The Firstborn of all creation;
The Suffering Servant who models humility and obedience;
The Image of the Invisible God;
The Firstborn from the Dead;
The Word of God who speaks life into being;
The Cornerstone of the Kingdom.

He is …

The Master;
The Messiah who comes with God’s favor and purpose;
The Miracle-worker who heals the lame and restores the blind;
The Way, the Truth, and the Life;
The Bread of Life who strengthens the spiritually starving;
The Door through whom we find protection and safety;
The Great Shepherd who guards and guides us;
The Vine from whom we draw sustenance;
The Deliverer of every person in captivity;
The Rock in the midst of life’s storms;
The Light of the World in even the darkest corners.

That’s whom we trust. Ponder His titles. Meditate on His ministry. Seek Him. Pursue Him. Yield to Him. Trust Him.

We can trust Him with all that we have, and with all that we are. He is worthy and trustworthy.

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3 Responses to Lent – Day 26 – Reflections Through Romans

  1. La Donna says:

    This Lent Series has truly blessed me!!! Everyday is so timely and on point!! Thank you for your efforts to share the gospel!

  2. Debbie Heim says:

    Wow, that was awesome David. Thanks so much for your faithfulness during Lent.

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