At the Feet of Jesus

In Luke 10:38-42, Martha invites Jesus into the family home and then busily starts preparing a meal. Mary, her sister, sits at the feet of Jesus. It provokes a predictable conflict. Some of us may have experienced something so simple and so similar even over Christmas!

In a moment of gentle rebuke, Jesus reminds Martha that, having welcomed Him in, perhaps there is a greater priority than immediately setting to work for Him. Mary had, in fact, chosen the greater option.

At the Feet of JesusHow many of us do the same? We invite Jesus into our “homes” but too rarely pause to sit at His feet. Perhaps this week, this month, even this year, we might choose the greater option “at the feet of Jesus.

Picture Mary sitting and listening and join her, in your heart and mind, “at the feet of Jesus.

Pause when the pressure rises, when the crisis looms, when the stress builds, when the busyness mounts, and sit “at the feet of Jesus.

When you’re tempted to reach for comfort food, for distraction, for the TV, for drugs, or for alcohol, stop first “at the feet of Jesus.

Before you react to a harsh word, an unkind email, a hurtful comment, a painful rejection, sit “at the feet of Jesus.

Before you say “Yes” to another time-filler or time-killer, take a moment “at the feet of Jesus.

In the middle of conflict, as fear takes hold, when confusion threatens to swamp you, listen “at the feet of Jesus.

On the way to the doctor, the lawyer, the specialist, or the boss, carve out a few minutes or moments to be “at the feet of Jesus.

Picture Him, reach out to Him, listen to Him, find strength in Him, be renewed by Him, receive comfort through Him.

In the car, in the office, at home, in the bedroom or the boardroom, pull up a seat … at His feet.

Open your ears. Open your heart. Be attentive. Listen. Release all else. Look only to Him.

He has come to us. He dwells among us. He abides in us. He speaks to us—not with loud or brash words, not with demanding or accusing tones, not with anger or bitterness, but with grace and gentleness, understanding and peace.

Read His Word; listen to His words.

May this become our breath-prayer, our motto, our conviction, and our commitment: “At the feet of Jesus.

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13 Responses to At the Feet of Jesus

  1. Scott Wallace says:

    Wow how the Spirit speaks! This morning at my prayer place I was asking the Lord what it means to abide in him so that I can be more fruitful. As I prayed i gazed out the window of my car into the park and noticed the trees were just starting to get their first buds. Then I noticed the branches. I come and go to this place frequently to pray, but the branches remain. I carve out 30 mins a day to “abide” but then I go to the office, home, movies, books, parties….but the branch remains. And then I remembered to abide in him means to remain in him. Not just 30 minutes a day because that is not remaining in him, that is the opposite of remaining in him, that is leaving him in the park. Remaining in him means, as you say David, choosing to sit at his feet instead of the feet of the television or books, or netflix etc…may all of our fountains be in him!

  2. David this totally resonates with me this day, this hour and I thank you with my whole heart! Now I think I will go sit awhile………

  3. David…a great reminder for our elders tonight to focus on “what is most important!” Thanks for the encouragement for our team. Bless you, brother!

  4. Elaine Steil says:

    I needed to read what you wrote, right at this moment in time. What an excellent way to begin the New Year. You truly encouraged me, thank you so much for your wisdom and reminder of what is truly important.

  5. Heide Costa says:

    Amen! The greatest new year resolution one could make ~ 😍🙆🙏
    Happy New Year David, be blessed and prosper, may your territory enlarge…
    Heide Costa ❇

  6. The concept is one we all know in our heads, but your expression of it brings it to our hearts. Thank you for helping to grow the longing to be at His feet!

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