40 Days in the Psalms – Good Friday

Ps 51 – “Against You, You only, GOD, I have sinned.”

A violent death on an ancient Friday afternoon and the humiliation of God surely deserves a more apt description than “good.” The cross, one of the most brutal public execution instruments ever devised, was more horrifying than “good.” Yet, we call today Good Friday.

Perhaps it’s appropriate.

Good FridayGood is a moral term. It stands in contrast to evil. We may feel well, but we do good. And on that ancient hill — Golgotha (in Aramaic); Calvary (in Latin) — the perfectly Good One, did the ultimately good thing, for all of us who are considerably less than good as we stand before God.

It’s not just a good Friday, one among many. It is the Friday when Good paid the debt that evil owed; when Good reclaimed that which had been lost; when a world committed to violence, hatred, division, and oppression saw the greater power of Good. It is the Friday when Good — the Good One — declared “It is finished!” GOD’s plan was completed; sin’s reign was over. The Messiah-mission was finalized; the sting of death was forever annulled. Finished!

David, the Psalmist, understood that even though he violated Bathsheba and murdered Uriah, his primary sin was against GOD. Bathsheba would not determine David’s eternal destiny; GOD would. “Against You, GOD, I have sinned.” We might all say the same.

A thousand years later, Jesus — the Holy One of God; the Good One — took the penalty for all of our sin upon Himself. And the blood which flowed on the cross washed our slate clean; made us good.

Good Friday, indeed.

Breath Prayer for Today: “You alone are Good, Lord.”

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6 Responses to 40 Days in the Psalms – Good Friday

  1. David thank you so much for this Lenten Journey you have provided. So well done and it has touched me greatly as your writings often do. I just want you to know it made a difference in my journey. I am so very grateful to share the road with you.

    Sam Underwood

  2. Sam & Liz says:

    Understood. He is so very very good – thank you Blessed Lord Savior King Jesus. And you friend David feed us His Love with words pure and clear. Thank you, Pastor David. Happy Happy Easter to you and yours.

    Sam & Liz –


  3. Marc says:

    David…this series was excellent!! It was written simply yet with depth and meaning. Please keep them coming.

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