40 Days in the Psalms – Day 36

Ps 145 – “GOD’s there, listening for all who pray, for all who pray and mean it.”

Recently, I had a low moment. Kim, my wife, and I were chatting about our day. In the middle of the conversation, I asked her a question. But, before she could give a response I flipped open my iPad and began to check my email. I know. It’s terrible. She asked, quite reasonably, “Are you listening to me?”

It can feel that way sometimes with prayer. Even in this final week of Lent, some of us may wonder if God has been nearly as attentive as we had hoped. Nearly six weeks have passed since we started Lent.

Prayer 2The Psalmist reminds us, however, that GOD is listening both for us and to us. He knows our voice, and what we say matters to Him.

Beyond that, listening implies both attentiveness and responsiveness. It’s not simply that GOD hears the sound of our voice, recognizing its pitch or tone. Rather, He concerns Himself with what we say and He responds. He is neither absent nor deaf.

Thankfully, too, it’s not our eloquence but our earnestness that moves His heart. We do not have to be wonderfully articulate. He does not require a particular prayer language of us. Just sincerity. If we mean it, it matters to Him.

Let’s finish Lent with fresh confidence and determination. Pray earnestly these last four days; believing, trusting.

Breath Prayer for Today: “Hear my heart, Lord.”

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