40 Days in the Psalms – Day 33

Ps 144 – “Pull me out of the ocean of hate.”

We have laws in the United States against hate-crimes; violent acts motivated by prejudice or intolerance toward a member of a gender, racial, religious, or social group. It doesn’t stop people hating.

We live in an ocean of hate. Our culture is awash in it.

HateReligious hate, political hate, familial hate, racial hate — even self-hate — are all alive and well. Listen to the language. Words have barbs. They drip with poison. They ooze hostility. They bubble with anger.

If we pause but a moment we’ll see and hear hate all around us. Watch the web. Listen to talkback radio. Read comments on political or religious news stories. There’s enough animosity to drag us all down. There’s enough antagonism to destroy us all.

It’s not new. The Psalmist in ancient Israel cried out to GOD to save him from “the ocean of hate.” We might well pray the same way, today. But it’s not merely the ocean of hate around us, but perhaps the ocean of hate within us from which we need deliverance.

The acrimony in a divorce does nothing to lay a foundation for the future. Malice in the workplace makes it intolerable. Venom directed towards others in the church weakens the Body of Christ. And self-hate may be the most insidious and destructive form of all.

If you find yourself battling on this front today, then this ancient prayer may serve you well.

“Pull me out of the ocean of hate.” We all need to pray it from time to time; perhaps often.

Breath Prayer for Today: “Protect and renew my heart, Lord.”

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