40 Days in the Psalms – Day 32

Ps 139 – “I look behind me and GOD you are there, then up ahead and you’re there, too — your reassuring presence, coming and going; this is too much, too wonderful.”

Sometimes, being surrounded by God’s presence is “too much, too wonderful.” That happened yesterday.

Yesterday morning at William Jessup University our regular chapel service, which hundreds attend, became a baptismal service. Our Campus Ministries Director set up an inflatable pool, students led us in worship, and half a dozen students came prepared to be baptized. With Easter at our doorstep they wanted to declare their readiness to follow Christ whole-heartedly.

Presence (2)Then others started spontaneously stepping forward, in the moment, to join them.

For 40 minutes they kept coming, in their street-clothes, to be baptized into Christ. Friends baptizing friends; room-mates baptizing room-mates. Christ palpably among us.

“Too much, too wonderful.”

Each person briefly shared why they had come. “I never want to go back.” “God just lifted a life-long burden from me, and my legs started walking.” “I’m done with anger. No more.” “I can’t miss out on what God is doing.” “God has brought me through some dark times, and I’m saying yes to Him today.” “I’m ready to really stand for Jesus.”

Tears flowed. Voices cracked. People hugged. Lives changed.

I don’t imagine that too many Universities around the country had baptismal services yesterday. It doesn’t happen every day here, either. But yesterday, the Presence of God touched us in a specific way — restoring wounded lives, healing broken hearts, renewing hope, resurrecting the dead.

That is, of course, what Lent and Easter is all about — not merely a spiritual discipline or an annual event, but a divine encounter. “Too much, too wonderful.”

May you have a taste of it today in your own life.

Breath Prayer for Today: “Everything for you, Lord. Everything.”

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4 Responses to 40 Days in the Psalms – Day 32

  1. Christine bailey, west australia says:

    Now that is rejoicing in heaven. As I was reading I could picture the scene and my worship and thanks giving Rose with you. HE IS ALIVE and his promised gift at work in our midst. I have been blessed on this journey in the Psalms David, as always To God Be The Glory.

  2. Elaine Wilson says:

    Beautiful! Faith-building, life changing, grace abounding! A piece of ‘heaven-time’ on earth!

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