40 Days in the Psalms – Day 29

Ps 131 – “Wait for GOD. Wait with hope.”

We don’t wait well. Especially for GOD. Our prayers often have a tinge of urgency to them. “We need help; and we need it now!” In his own distress, the Psalmist functioned much the same way. He regularly questioned the Lord. “Do you not know? Do you not care? How long must this go on?” The Lord’s response sometimes seemed so slow—far too slow.

We know how that feels.

WaitingThe circumstances of life press upon us. The demands and the deadlines seem relentless, and GOD seems oblivious. The pressure weighs heavily upon us or the heartache seems ready to overwhelm us, and GOD is silent.

But in his better moments—his best moments—the Psalmist calls us to “wait with hope.” He doesn’t suggest that we merely “wait and see.” Rather we “wait and believe”—believe that GOD is working in ways we can’t see; believe that GOD is not only present but active; believe that GOD’s timing is governed by His wisdom not our urgency.

That’s a different kind of waiting.

It’s hard to wait in the midst of suffering. When everything around us is collapsing or we feel that we’re at breaking-point, we (naturally) want an out. Sometimes the Lord intervenes early; sometimes not. The question is not “Does He know what He’s doing?” but “Will we trust what He is doing?”

Wait for GOD. Wait with hope.

Breath Prayer for Today:  “Waiting on You, Lord.”

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2 Responses to 40 Days in the Psalms – Day 29

  1. Scott says:

    Great post as per usual David. Last week’s on meditating on the Name(s) of God was really helpful too. Hope you don’t mind me borrowing insights for my sermons 🙂

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