40 Days in the Psalms – Day 22

Ps 94 – “Come, let us worship: bow down before him, on your knees before GOD, who made us!”

Some church traditions do a lot of kneeling; some even have kneeling rails and kneeling benches, padded and placed for convenience. I did not grow up in such a tradition. We didn’t raise hands. We didn’t kneel. We mostly sat or stood with reverence.

By contrast, those closest to the renowned A.W. Tozer, describe him going into his prayer room each morning and lying prostrate on the floor before God as he cried out to the Lord in prayer.

Kneeling for PrayerThe Psalmist reminds us that bowing and kneeling are highly appropriate before God. Why?

First, kneeling reflects submission on our part. The posture of the body (hopefully) expresses the posture of the heart. Second, kneeling takes a moment to prepare for (getting down) and to recover from (getting up). A quick closing of the eyes with an immediate launch into words lacks these movements and moments that frame our approach to the Throne.

Lent is a season of surrender. It calls us to humility. Perhaps we should revisit the posture of the Psalmist. And as we do so, or if we do so, we could also consider starting and finishing our prayer with greater attentiveness. When we pray, we engage the Presence of Christ in a unique way. Let’s do so with renewed reverence and thoughtfulness.

“Come, let us worship: bow down before him, on your knees before GOD, who made us!”

Breath Prayer for Today:  “Listening to you, Lord. Listening to you.”

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