40 Days in the Psalms – Day 21

Ps 94 – “GOD became my hideout, God was my high mountain retreat.”

As a kid, I loved building hideouts. Under the hedge, next to the wire fence, I could spy on passers-by. Sitting up on the roof of the large backyard shed, I could shine mirrors in the eyes of pedestrians. In trees, under beds, in gullies — hideouts everywhere.

HideoutAs an adult, I look more for retreats than hideouts; places where I can just relax without the phone or the web; places where I can do nothing, and hopefully recharge. When the kids were small, retreats were next to impossible. Kim and I found that you can’t abandon three young boys! They had to come on the “retreat” with us. And much as we loved them and enjoyed them, sometimes that was just stress in another place.

The Psalmist concludes that the best hideout — the best retreat — is not a place but a Person; GOD Himself.

When tough times arrive, when tough people stand against us, or when exhaustion threatens to overwhelm us, don’t head for the hills; look to Jesus. He is our refuge, our fortress, our hideout, our retreat.

When we feel frazzled or afflicted, our first need is not a vacation but a re-alignment. It’s not a holiday home to which we should first run, but Christ. He restores, renews and replenishes us, whether we languish in prison, lay bed-ridden in a home, or feel defeated in the work-place. What we need — perhaps even today — is not a place but the Person.

Blessings as we begin the second half of Lent!

Breath Prayer for Today:  “You are my refuge, Lord.”

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