40 Days in the Psalms – Day 20

Ps 93 – “Holy” marks your house, GOD, to the very end of time.

Organized. Peaceful. Beautiful. Clean. Cozy. Comfortable. Inviting. Warm.

I can think of lots of words that we might use to describe our homes. But “holy”? What would a holy home look like? If holiness marks God’s house — and always will — should it also mark ours? Of course, we need to define what “holy” means. Biblically speaking, holiness has several facets.

On the one hand, it speaks to “separation”; set apart. Holiness means being different from the mainstream, godless, secular world. It’s being dedicated to a deeper and richer purpose. Do we have such a vision for our marriages, families, and homes?

HolyOn the other hand, holiness speaks to moral character. It points to purity and integrity. It calls us to a higher ethical standard — the standards of the Kingdom of God. Do we nurture this in our homes?

When the Psalmist notes in passing that holiness befits GOD’s house, surely he implies that it also befits our homes. What’s good for GOD must prove good for all of us. What’s right for Him sets the bar for us, too.

Lent provides an opportunity for us to think about ourselves … but also beyond ourselves. It invites us to think of our marriages, families, churches, and neighborhoods. I wonder what we’d change in our marriages, families, and homes if we had a plaque over the front door that said: “Holy to the Lord.”

Would we watch different shows? Have different conversations? Treat each other differently? Spend our money differently? Live differently behind closed doors? Just something to ponder and pray about.

Perhaps this Lent, Christ will call us to give up some other things more permanently.

Breath Prayer for Today:  “Holy is the Lord!”

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