40 Days in the Psalms – Day 19

Ps 90 – “Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.”

The wee hours of the night — those darkest and most quiet hours — are often the very hours when life can overwhelm us.

Have you lain in bed awake at night, restless and unable to find the “Off Switch”? As we contemplate life, worry about the next day, rehash an incident from the day before, or rehearse what we’ll say to someone with whom we have conflict, everything gets large … way too large.

Perhaps it’s the darkness. Or the quietness. Or the loneliness.

DawnBut most often, when dawn comes and the sun rises, things recover some proportion. And we remind ourselves not to make major decisions at 2am! Daybreak often brings a fresh perspective.

“Surprise us with love at daybreak,” writes the Psalmist. Yes. We need more than daylight or sunshine when we awake. We want more than a clock that announces a new morning. We need love … specifically, GOD’s love.

When we start the day surprised by love and immersed in love, we start a day in which we can give. When love launches our day, everything about the day changes. Christ’s love makes it possible for us to love. The security we find in Him transforms our ability to serve others.

Today has already dawned. But pause with the Psalmist for just a moment and pray: “Father — whose love is unshakeable; Son — whose love endured hostility and the Cross; and Spirit — whose love transforms us; surprise me once more with that love in these moments.”

His love — and His love alone — holds us and sustains us. We will indeed skip and dance all day long.

Breath Prayer for Today: “Your love sustains me, Lord.”

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7 Responses to 40 Days in the Psalms – Day 19

  1. Debbie Heim says:

    David, thank you so much for your effort at Lent to bless us. you truly succeed!

  2. Tim Ross says:

    Just last night I was up from 12:00 to 3:00am…ugh. I kept going over the bruises from others to my son, praying over it, then the suffering of friends, praying over it, and my mind would not shut down. I begged God to get me back to sleep. It was a night of lots of stirring. But…His love was there for me this morning and it was refreshing.

    • David Timms says:

      Tim, thanks for the reminder to pray rather than just fret in those wee hours. 🙂

      • Tim Ross says:

        I have not been that stirred up in a long time. Usually I can go back to sleep when I pray over things but last night…so much was stirring in me. Remarkably…I was not a zombie today on 4 1/2 hrs of sleep. God gave me amazing strength. Now…off to bed.

  3. Allan Anderson says:

    Thanks David for your input. I have really appreciated your down to earth but up to heaven approach.

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