40 Days in the Psalms – Day 16

Ps 76 – “Do for God what you said you’d do — he is, after all, your God.”

Some years ago, a good friend shared the Lent journey with me. He bravely decided to give up television for Lent. “More time to spend in the Word of God,” he said.

Then came March Madness — the annual college basketball tournament that seizes the country at this time of year.

March MadnessMartin was an avid Wake Forest fan, and had forgotten all about the basketball falling right in the middle of Lent. He came to me a little sheepishly and asked if he might break Lent for the tournament, and perhaps tack on a week or two after Easter. I laughed. “It’s not for me to say.” With just a little naughtiness I said, “It’s between you and God. You made the vow to Him!”

At this point in Lent, our fast can challenge us. It seems to have been going a long while already … and there’s quite a way to go. We haven’t quite reached the halfway mark.

Can I make one reminder and one suggestion?

The reminder: Persistence matters to God. Endurance builds character. Saying “No” to the cravings of our flesh shapes us in important ways. Hang in there. “Do for God what you said you’d do — he is, after all, your God.”

The suggestion: Consider changing your fast for days 21-40. If your current fast, whatever it is, has become too easy for you or not significant enough to keep driving you to prayer, consider adding another element of fasting or swap out your current fast with something different for the second half.

It’s something to consider and pray about now. Don’t abandon Lent — though it’s not a sin to do so — but modify it to enhance its impact in your life.

May this Saturday be filled with great joy for you as you continue to press into Him.

Breath Prayer for Today: “It’s all for you, Lord.”

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3 Responses to 40 Days in the Psalms – Day 16

  1. Jan Neff says:

    This is humorous for me, since March Madness is also big big in our house. Having FGCU in our back yard also adds to the heightened interest, so this year we must cheer a bit for Mercer. My husband would have loved to have been a pro player xcept for 2 things: size and skill! His words, so I can echo 🙂 I remember telling you, David, how he would have enjoyed playing with you when I was doing Masters at Hope. So Steve will also appreciate this post. Reminds me of folks in the Bible who also made promises hard to keep. Golly gee, I’ve never found myself there! God must have a great sense of humor for these times.

    • David Timms says:

      Jan, my only basketball game was intramurals in college and the ref stopped the game to give me tips on how to shoot the ball! Got a feeling that Steve would run rings around me. 🙂

      • Jan Neff says:

        Except he finds himself running less and less lately………must have something to do age!

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