40 Days in Psalms – Day 11

Ps 40 – “The world’s a huge stockpile of GOD-wonders and GOD-thoughts.”

Mondays can feel somewhat less than GOD-wonderful and GOD-thoughtful.

I laughed with a colleague last week that Friday has become the definitive day of the week. Wednesdays have become “hump days” and Thursdays are “tomorrow’s Friday.” We not Mondayeven allowed to use the “M”-word (Monday). Yet, after every Sunday is a Monday. And God’s wonders are not governed  by my work-cycle. Indeed, His wonders are not shaped by time at all — rather like Him. Fridays don’t make them glorious while Mondays remove their shine.

But I can miss the mystery of the moment all too easily. With a grumpy spirit, a stress-filled stomach, or simply deep exhaustion, the eyes of my heart tend toward astigmatism. I don’t see so well. A tree’s just a tree. Cloud formations declare nothing but weather conditions. Flowers and blossoms are dots of color, not exquisite acts of beauty.

Perhaps as we start this third week of Lent, we might consider the stockpile of GOD-wonders and GOD-thoughts all around us.

We may find Him in the glamorous and the spectacular, but most often He appears in the small, the unexpected, and the seemingly insignificant. He rarely yells for our attention. He softly beckons for it … and most often through a grace-touched life.

Look and listen today. Seek Him in those whom you work with, school with, shop with, or talk with. His greatest wonders lie just beneath the surface of the people around us. And as we open ourselves to be attentive, we may rediscover the stockpile of mystery and magnificence that surrounds us all on a Monday.

Breath Prayer For Today:  “God of wonders, help me see.”

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4 Responses to 40 Days in Psalms – Day 11

  1. Tim Ross says:

    Mondays are glorious! I have another day to work with Him by brightening someone’s day, giving grace, and seeking forgiveness for my wrongs. Every day is a glorious day! Thank you God for Monday!

  2. This has been one of my recent musings: that He is in the most mundane, boring-at-times everydayness! And a Monday in Rocklin is a clear-cut example of that very idea. Thank you for sharing.

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