40 Days in Psalms – Day 10

Ps 37 – “Quiet down before GOD, be prayerful before him. Don’t bother with those who climb the ladder, who elbow their way to the top.”

A still soul is a rare delight. So many of us yearn for it. When we experience it, we know we have walked right up to the Holy of Holies. When we see it in someone else, we are attracted like bees to honey.

StillnessSome of the chaos of our lives comes from beyond us — circumstances we cannot control; events that surprise us; experiences foisted upon us. But much of our inner turmoil comes from personal striving. We throw ourselves into a swirling river of ambition and competition that keeps us awake at night and harried during the day.

“Quiet down,” says the Psalmist.

It’s hard to do so. A quiet life might be an unnoticed life. To quiet down might require some real changes to our lifestyle. It cannot be scheduled for thirty minutes between other events, from time to time.

The soul seeks solace in silence. And in a noisy world, where every moment is filled with words, music, train whistles, car engines, and Siri, silence feels strange.

“Quiet down before GOD,” says the Psalmist.

It’s not just silence with emptiness, but silence with purpose; silence and stillness that steers us to Christ; silence that eases into prayerfulness.

This weekend might offer some great opportunities to rest and recuperate from the demands of the work-week. But our souls need even more. We need, at the deepest level, a restoration of spirit that comes from stillness before GOD and attentiveness to His Spirit. Perhaps today, this tenth fast day of Lent, will be such a day.

Breath Prayer for Today:  “Be still my soul, before God.”

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2 Responses to 40 Days in Psalms – Day 10

  1. Dick and Doris Mecone says:

    I have in my Honda, a long tow strap. It has come in handy to help people who need to be towed to a garage or to help them out of a stuck place in mud or snow. Taut. An important word, taut. If I am the pullor… and you are the pullee – then it is your responsibility to keep the slack out of the strap… to keep it taut. If slack is allowed, we could either jerk off your bumper or break the strap. We keep it “taut”, and we have a smooth tow.
    Our “Papa” is always close and available… we need to make time… keep the strap “Taut”… We so enjoy your Blogs… Thank you…
    Dick and Doris in Show Low

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