40 Days in Psalms – Day 8

Ps 31 – “I hate all this silly religion, but you, GOD, I trust.”

Ever done one of those “trust falls”? You know the kind … where you fall backwards into the arms of someone behind you. The heart pumps harder. The palms get sweaty. The knees get a little weak. And for a moment we hold our breath!

It’s hard to trust what we cannot see. But Jesus declared: “Blessed is one who has not seen (Christ) and yet trusts “(John 20:29).

Trust FallTrust is everything in relationships; in a marriage, in the workplace, between friends. Our inability to trust each other isolates us from each other, even as our inability to trust God undermines our walk with Him.

Perhaps we have “good reason” not to trust God. Where was He during our suffering? Why did He allow those bad things to happen? We want to accuse Him and walk away from Him. Lots of people do just that. It’s understandable.

But our reluctance to trust God is ultimately a choice to live with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Will we trust Him for our security — or carry weapons to protect ourselves? Will we trust Him for our daily bread — or fret about our finances? Will we trust God to guide our children — or try to put them in cotton-balls? Will we trust God with our career — or compromise our integrity? Will we trust the grace and promises of God — or live in dread of our illness?

Lent is not merely a religious rite, but a season to re-affirm our trust in Christ. To trust Him is to obey Him, to follow Him, to pursue Him, to wait upon Him, and to surrender entirely to Him. Let’s affirm that trust today.

Breath Prayer for Today: “Trusting you, Lord, right now.”

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