40 Days in Psalms – Day 7

Ps 27 -“Stay with GOD! Take heart. Don’t quit. I’ll say it again: Stay with GOD.”

Dallas Willard used to speak and write about the “with God” life.

At one level, none of us can escape the Presence of God. Though we may run, rebel, and resist, we cannot shake Him loose. He is indeed, as Francis Thompson famously described in 1893, “the Hound of Heaven” always coming after us with unperturbed pace.

With GodHowever, at another level, we may struggle to practice the Presence of God. Our busyness, distraction, ambition, or pain can blind us to the One who is as close to us as our very breath. We may feel isolated and alone — perhaps even abandoned.

It’s one of life’s great paradoxes; that the ever-Present Christ can feel so distant…even during Lent.

The Psalmist lays his despair on the table. He feels abandoned by his parents and threatened by his enemies. Bullied and intimidated, he concludes that despite the harsh reality he faces, his only real hope is to “stay with GOD.”

That’s surely a word for us today.

We started Lent a week ago, perhaps with high expectations. What if He has not shown up as we hoped? What if our souls have not been lit on fire by revival? What if we have experienced more spiritual dryness than renewal in this past seven days?

Take heart. Don’t quit. Stay with GOD. Trust Him. Seek Him. Pursue Him. Persevere. Knock and it shall be opened. Seek and you will find. Let’s make today a “with God” day.

Breath Prayer for Today: “With you, Lord.”

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