40 Days in Psalms – Day 4

Ps 18 – “Now I’m alert to God’s ways…. Every day I review the ways he works.”

Lent — indeed, life — stretches us. Very often we find ourselves caught up in the busyness of everyday demands; work, family, school, etc. And if not busyness, then perhaps boredom. Either way, our God-sensitivity is frequently low.

AlertWe struggle to move slowly enough to identify what is happening “behind” what is happening. And we have insufficient time (or inclination) to look back. Tomorrow is always looming on our mind.

Then Lent arrives, and we find ourselves — even just 4 days into the experience — woefully unprepared for these disciplines of alertness and review. Yet, without them, Lent will be an exercise in spiritual futility.

How can we grow in these disciplines?

Pause. Pray. Contemplate.

These are the exercises that give substance and focus to our fast. In a given moment, what is Christ doing in you or through you? This “attentiveness” is, in fact, prayerfulness. And as we look back on the day — review — we may see what we couldn’t see in the moment.

Looking for something in particular from the Lord during this season? Then open your heart today to something different He may have for you. Now’s a good time to catch ourselves early as we head into the first weekend of Lent.

A Breath Prayer for Today: “Open my eyes, Lord.”

Reminder: Today is Saturday. In the Western experience of Lent, we break our fast on Sundays because they are “resurrection” days. Day 5 of Lent resumes on Monday. Happy Resurrection Day tomorrow!

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