40 Days in Psalms – Day 1

Ps 2 – “If you make a run for God — you won’t regret it.”

The Psalmist knows all too well our tendency to resist God. We want to take charge, to have control, to do things our own way. We plot and plan, building our own kingdoms all year long. We struggle to surrender to Him; blind to His reality, afraid of His intentions, or simply distracted by ourselves.

That’s what makes Lent so valuable. It’s our annual opportunity to loosen our grip and trust Him more.

No RegretsIt’s ironic that in our efforts to carve out a life for ourselves, we oppose the very One who offers us life. It’s crazy, in fact. Our track record hardly impresses anyone. Our best efforts rarely produce anything meaningful or lasting. We pursue power, fame, and success, only to find that none of these deliver what they promise.

Psalm 2 finishes with an important affirmation on this Ash Wednesday; our first day of Lent. This is a season of “making a run for God.” Are you ready? It’ll take some discipline, some commitment, and you’ll have some hard days, some dry days, some questions, and some challenges. But “you won’t regret it.”

Today marks the start of a season that aims for less of us and more of Him. Paradoxically, the more of Him, the more of us.

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10 Responses to 40 Days in Psalms – Day 1

  1. Bryan says:

    Brilliant. Looking forward to more good reads during this season of Lent.

  2. Tim Lentz says:

    Thank you again, Dr. Timms! I look forward to these posts and the Lenten fasting challenge every year. It helps me to know that we are “in this together.”

    • David Timms says:

      There’s something special about knowing that today tens of millions of Christians around the world will be fasting together and seeking God more. #Motivating

  3. Tom Leatherby says:

    I’m in!

  4. dpinero says:

    I’m in! Thank you for all your writings Dr. Timms. There have been times when they impacted my life in the way I needed!! Blessings

  5. Judi M says:

    I find Psalm 2 very appropriate for what’s going on among “the nations” right now. If only they’d surrender what they think they want, and receive more than what they could ever have imagined.
    I see myself in this scenario. In these next 40 days I’m looking forward to letting go of ‘my usual’ to enjoy the supernatural– time spent with the ‘Anointed One’, Jesus, Son of God.
    Thanks for doing this, David.

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