Lent 2014 – Starts Tomorrow

Today is Mardi Gras—“Fat Tuesday.” Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Lent is upon us—again.

Many of us have shared the season of Lent in recent years. I hope you’ll do so again this year. Without doubt, it has become my most meaningful season of prayer each year.

Lent (2)Lent (literally “Spring”—as in the season) provides a prayerful rhythm for our lives. It comes annually and it last 6½ weeks. It invites us to fast from something that is a) significant to us, and b) a regular part of our lives.

Our fast is a trigger for prayer. Every time we think of (or desire) what we’re fasting from, we pray instead. Not necessarily lengthy prayers, but breath prayers. In short order we find ourselves praying more often throughout the day and living with a heightened sense of God’s Presence.

The next 47 days includes 40 days of fasting (from an item of your choice) and 7 Sundays when we break our fast each week in honor of the resurrected Christ among us. The season culminates with Easter Sunday!

What will you fast from? It may be a particular food, social media, favorite beverage, television, or any number of possibilities. Dairy? Meat? Bread? French Fries? Sugar? Candy? Desserts? Coffee? Diet Coke? Facebook? Or your car radio?

This Lent, I’m planning to spend “40 Days in the Psalms” and would like to blog something daily from that part of God’s Word. I look forward to sharing the journey again with you, and would love to hear your stories.

As we create space for God, and de-clutter our lives of just one regular item so that we might look to Him more often, things happen.

It begins tomorrow.

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9 Responses to Lent 2014 – Starts Tomorrow

  1. Deborah says:

    Looking forward to your ’40 days w/the Psalms’, David. What a treat and generous offering from you to all of us. Thanks so much.

  2. heide costa says:

    Hello David! Yes ~ happy Fat Tues! I rejoice in acknowledging how far I’ve grown in the Lord, in Christ, in His Spirit, since those years when I lived in New Orleans. And I really look forward every year now, to your posts through-out the Lental season! Last week I thought – “Dr Timms is gonna start posting again… I wonder what I’m gonna learn this year from him.” So thank you, God bless you. “He is the reason for the season”! Happy Easter season to you. Thank you, Jesus for Your love. Heide Costa

  3. Janet and Ian says:

    Thank you David, I would love to journey through the Psalms with you during this Lent period. May our Lord find hearts ready to receive what He desires to give during this time.

  4. dliw canis says:

    Reblogged this on dliwcanis.

  5. Jeff Fuller says:

    Thanks David for the reminder!!  Jeff

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