One Last(ing) Resolution

By now some of you have already made, broken, and abandoned your New Year’s resolutions. Others of you quit making them a long time ago. “Pointless”, you concluded, after repeated failure.

Others of you are hanging on—a little behind but you’ve not yet thrown in the towel. Two weeks feels like two months.

New Years ResolutionsA few of you are marching strongly forward! (If so, please keep it to yourselves so as not to discourage the rest of us.)

Two of the most common resolutions among Christians: 1) Lose weight and get in shape; 2) Read the Bible in a year. Probably in that order.

Resolutions that require dramatic and sustained effort are destined, in most instances, to drop by the way. But in Mark 11:22-25, Jesus invites us to something more sustainable and more life-changing than dropping 30 pounds. He says (in The Message): “Embrace this God-life. Really embrace it. Assume the posture of prayer.”

What if this year we really embraced the Presence of God in and around us? What if we took on an entirely new attitude towards prayer—and prayed more? What if we were to look to Him and believe Him like never before?

In all likelihood, 2014 has started with some heartache or disappointment for many of us. Christmas has a way of falling short of our expectations. For all the hype, the New Year celebrations give way too quickly to the time-ignorant harsh realities of life. Perhaps now, mid-January, is a great time to make one last(ing) resolution.

Let’s embrace the God-life. Let’s choose to really embrace it. Let’s pray more often, in more ways, and with more faith than last year. Let’s choose to believe that if God is for us, nothing (of real or lasting consequence) can be against us.

I’ve spent decades absorbed by the self-life…a life limited by my own ability to see or do or make or achieve. Perhaps the Spirit of God is calling me—and a few of you with me—to a deeper awareness of the God-life and a deeper commitment to it.

The Posture of Prayer” is a new post-it note on my heart and on my bulletin-board.

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4 Responses to One Last(ing) Resolution

  1. Scott says:

    I ordered a 16 oz. Americano today but forgot to tell the barista decaf. Decaf being a resolution I made about a year and a half ago. Boy was I not used to caffeine. I was feelin’ good, flyin’ high, lots of energy and my thoughts were actually making sense. Why is it that the bean gives me such joy and energy? I started to ask Jesus that question today among others, like, why do I need the joy of the bean to be my strength? Why can’t the joy of the Lord be it?
    Where am I missing it? If I’m honest, sometimes the work of the Lord is not my strength; it is a grind. When I associate the Lord with the work of the Lord then the Lord becomes a grind. Not good.
    So I started to think along the lines that you write about David. Maybe, at times, I don’t believe what I’m peaching and teaching. Maybe (like Rob Bell says) I’m not smokin’ what I’m selling. Christ dwells in my heart through faith. Maybe when my faith is low so too is my sense of his presence and joy. I’ve got hope but faith is mobetta. Just ramblin’ thoughts here…

  2. David Timms says:

    Great thoughts, Scott. Much there to challenge me, too. You’re right. When we get more caught up in the work of the Lord than the Lord of the work, we lose something vital.

  3. hi2cheri says:

    David, Your words are a powerful confirmation. I have also made resolutions to lose weight, read through the Bible, work my way through my “bucket list” and various approaches to self and spiritual improvement in years past. This year, my resolution came direct from the Lord in one word. TRUST! Of course, the only way to do this is on my knees with praise on my lips!
    Blessings for 2014!

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