Spiritual Gateways

It sounds more like the stuff of Stargate and Dr. Who than the Bible, but portals (gateways between the spiritual and the physical realm) are very real.

Scripture does not explain how it all works. We can affirm the reality of demonic (and angelic) activity, though we have no clear descriptions of their deployment. It seems, however, that certain activities may open our minds and souls to the spiritual realm in dangerous ways.

These “gateways” are doors that we open, perhaps quite unsuspectingly. But we should not underestimate the power of the demonic forces t0 exploit such openings.

GatewayYears ago, Paul Hiebert described what he called “the excluded middle.” Simply stated, Hiebert observed that the Western world rarely makes direct links between the physical and the spiritual world. We have excluded the middle zone where the physical realm and the spiritual realm have tremendous interplay; just ask witchdoctors and voodoo priests. But our blindness to Satan’s schemes does not annul them. If anything, it makes us far more spiritually vulnerable.

What might be some of the gateways?

Drugs and alcohol—anything that alters our mind or consciousness—anything that hands control of our will to forces other than ourselves—clearly form a gateway. Many people testify to the spiritual darkness and bondage that their addictions have spawned.

It’s likely that that some music and movies serve as such gateways. It’s not just a matter of desensitization but of demonic infiltration. Gratuitous violence and explicit sexuality open our souls to new levels of darkness.

Pornography—the degradation and objectification of that which God intended to be pure and holy—is surely one of the largest spiritual gateways in our culture.

We dismiss these things as “the new norm” or excuse them as “recreation” or “entertainment.” But I wonder if we had the spiritual eyes of Elisha’s servant (2 Kings 6:17) if we wouldn’t be terrified by the swirling wicked hordes around us, to which we remain mostly oblivious.

It’s insidious and treacherous—far more than our “sinful nature” at work. It’s the powers of darkness and spiritual forces of wickedness (Ephesians 6:12) that seek first a foothold and then our souls.

Let’s shut the gates.

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12 Responses to Spiritual Gateways

  1. Chris Cowan says:

    Too true. We gravely underestimate our enemy.

  2. dliw canis says:

    Reblogged this on dliwcanis.

  3. colin says:

    Beautifully put

  4. Scot Longyear says:

    Great words. I’ll be sharing this.

    Thanks David. Hope all is well with you.

  5. Jan Neff says:

    And isn’t it the frog in the kettle all over again?! Christians get sucked in little by little, and when we add the dearth of Bible knowledge, we are set up for the kingdom of darkness to come in. I look at all the tv shows that now have the mediums as guests, and so many Christians, because of lack of knowledge, buy into it. I pray for God to first make me aware of any cracks in my armor, then pray for my family to be aware of the enemy slinking around, roaring around, looking for whom he might devour, chunk by chunk or bit by bit.

  6. Phil McKinley says:

    Thanks Dr. Timms,
    I tell it to my student like this: It’s bad enough that old Satan works on us the way he does. When we flirt with alcohol, the old devil just leans back in his recliner and watches the tailspin. Alcohol is a very valuable tool for Satan.

  7. Millie Thompson says:

    David, This is a great post. So glad you have spoken out on this incredibly important subject. This needs to be published far and wide and taught in our churches…seems to be a hush-hush subject when parents and young people need to be educated and get the armor of God in place. We are losing so many people being drawn into evil because they are without knowledge.

    Millie Thompson ECC

    Sent from my iPad

    • David Timms says:

      I agree, Millie, that these topics tend to slip off our radar. They keep slipping off mine, too! Blessings as you graciously speak into the lives of others on these important matters!

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