Loosen Your Grip

When my oldest son was learning to ride a bicycle he needed to wear gloves. It wasn’t that his hands sweated profusely or were susceptible to sunburn. No. He would simply hold the handlebars so tightly that he formed blisters in very short order. We encouraged him to loosen his grip a little. “You have much less to fear than you think,” we told him. In fact, his tight grip strained his entire upper body. Ironically, his vise-like grip gave him less control than he imagined. “Relax!” we would say. Eventually he could…and did.

How often does Christ perhaps whisper those same words to us?

Bicycle“Loosen your grip a little. You have much less to fear than you think. Relax.”

The need to control everything (and sometimes everyone) around us is both exhausting and non-productive.

The journey of following Jesus includes, in part, our decision to trust Him with tomorrow. That can be hard. We have some grand and important dreams that matter greatly to us. We have plans and projects that have become our daily companions and driving motivation. “We want it so bad we can almost taste it!” Marriage. Family. Job. Promotion. House. Travel. Education. Retirement.

Loosen your grip a little. Let Christ guide you.

Don’t let go altogether. That would make no sense. But when our lives become governed by the “not yet” or the “what if” it produces a sink-hole beneath our faith. How different life becomes when we place the unknown in Christ’s hands. How free.

Our grip might relate to finances, health, or relationships. Can we trust Jesus with it all? I cannot control the stock-market, my DNA, or even my children’s choices—much as I’d like to. So I do what I can to steer gently, always trusting the Journey to the hands of Him who sees the end as well as the beginning.

How’s your bike-riding these days? Need gloves?

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12 Responses to Loosen Your Grip

  1. Tim Riter says:

    David, a very nice metaphor! This is a good example of how the Christian life can be a delicate balance in many areas-other’s needs and our own, holding on without letting go, etc. Gosh, you could make a good book out of this concept!

  2. Erin Ambrose says:

    David~This was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you! I’m removing my gloves and loosing my grip now…

  3. Phil McKinley says:

    Your son sounds like me riding roller coasters. It’s hard to let the Holy Spirit lead when we are in complete control. Good idea and illustration for a sermon. By the way, I learned to speak Australian taking your courses through Hope. My wife just loves it (married to an old hillbilly with an accent). Maybe a sermon coming up soon in Australian? Loved your classes and appreciate all your posts.

  4. Dick Mecone says:

    When my oldest got his Christmas Bike… I took the petals off, lowered the seat– and had him walk, steer, balance and occasionally lift his feet, until he got confidence. Many of us just cannot trust ourselves and our small ability to hear His voice… we do it in small increments… Growth of any sort is good. After Ken (in one day learned to balance, petal and have control) he parked the bike, and requested that I immediately get him a motorcycle. We get a little insight/training from the Father, and we want everything — right now. God must get a real kick out of trying to direct our lives. Great posting David… thank you.
    Dick & Doris in Show Low

  5. Mike Raleigh says:

    Excellent words of wisdom. The same thing happened to me but while learning to plan golf. I would grip so hard I couldn’t move my arms or shoulders. The pro said relax your hands and your forearms, then you’ll been able to swing the club. Obviously you can’t let go – I’m not sure how far a golf club would fly but I’m sure it would not be beneficial to those around you.
    Now, I use that lesson myself in my quiet time, in my speaking, teaching and counseling and in life in general. It’s a great lesson to apply. Often it is something I teach before I can move on to issues people are faced with in the faith and in their lives.

  6. Ed and Evolyn Allen says:

    Thanks! I needed that. We miss seeing you all now that Martin and Emily have moved from California and you’ve moved to a different part of California. I enjoy reading all your posts! Evolyn Allen

  7. r y says:

    Thanks David.
    Also has been said, Let Go and Let God

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