God Still Speaks

We may be hard of hearing, but God is not shy about speaking. Yes, He is silent at times, but not nearly as much as we may think.

One of the challenges that we face today is cynicism. We’ve heard too many people say “God told me” or “God said” and then proceed to deliver a message that is much more aligned with their egos than with faith. Their words either ring blatantly untrue or sound suspiciously guided by a human agenda. And we grow cynical.

But we worship and serve an extraordinarily communicative God.

God is still speaking

He spoke the world into existence. He walked in the Garden and spoke with Adam and Eve. He spoke with the patriarchs, Moses, the prophets, the kings, the apostles, and so many others. Jesus urged all of His followers to trust the Holy Spirit to give them words (from God) to speak in difficult circumstances.

God inspired a written Word—often through the most unlikely messengers—and dwelt among us as the Living Word. He has communicated through dreams, visions, angels, and heavenly voices.

Chatty? Perhaps not. Communicative? Certainly.

Yet, we live as though He stopped speaking when the Church closed the canon of Scripture. A.W. Tozer reminds us: “The facts are that God is not silent, has never been silent. It is the nature of God to speak.”

How’s your hearing? How’s your heart? If we’ve not heard Him speak lately, perhaps it’s not because He has fallen silent, but because we’ve not turned our ear to listen.

I fully understand how difficult it can be to pick out one voice from a loud crowd of noise-makers. Our culture cries out. God whispers. Our flesh yells. The Father speaks softly. He will not compete. He refuses to simply be the loudest voice in our ear. He insists that we learn to recognize His voice despite the distractions.

Will we do so, today?

Of course, tread lightly here. Whoever has ears to hear, accepts the responsibility to respond. Nevertheless, is any voice more urgently needed in our lives?

God still speaks. What is He saying to you today?

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5 Responses to God Still Speaks

  1. Deborah says:

    Beautiful and potent message, as always David. Thank you…

  2. He is saying, “Be still and know that I am God.” Thank you for reminding me to pause, and listen, and simply enjoy the peace that comes from knowing Jesus.

  3. Judi M says:

    Yes, He is an “all or nothing” God, and I’m very thankful for that. I don’t trust myself to put anyone or anything on the throne of my heart next to Him. He is so worthy of all my attention and I continually strive to give it to Him. Good encouragement, David!

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