Lent: Day 40

“It is finished.”

Yes, Lent finishes today. But the statement first came from the lips of Jesus as He hung on the Cross. It may sound rather like, “At last, it’s over.” But, as you’ve probably heard many times, the true sense of the cry declares, “My purpose is accomplished!”

Business Finish Line

The criminals flanking Christ, the bored soldiers loitering around Golgotha, and the morbid crowds who swung by Calvary to see the spectacle, all had no idea in that moment that anything had been accomplished.

It looked very much like another dead Jew on a Roman cross. Nothing to write home about. But God was at work preparing for a new season—a new era—unlike anything the world had witnessed before. The resurrection of Christ!

Whether Lent has felt spectacular to you or fairly uninspiring, be assured that every moment you gave thought to the Lord, every time you fasted to honor Him and seek Him, every day you turned your heart again towards Him, He has been accomplishing His purpose in you.

The gap between the Cross and the resurrection may be a day or two, or a month or two, but Sunday’s coming. Resurrection is at hand. Step forward with hope and confidence.

It is finished. Lent finishes today, and so begins a new season to pursue Him and experience Him.

Thanks for sharing this Lenten Journey with me. Your company has enriched my life. Blessings tomorrow!

Father, if anything gives me hope, it is Your work in me. May You continue what You have begun and bring it to fulfillment. I wait on You for fresh resurrection power. Amen.

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13 Responses to Lent: Day 40

  1. Tom Leatherby says:

    Thank you David. This series has been outstanding and added so much to my life. Thank you for using your gifts and allowing Him to work so transparently through you.

    Have a blessed Easter,


  2. akismet-4398aefc723b37a0efbdd894ae42d4ff says:

    Thank you again this year for inspiring all of us by writing during the Lent season. Happy Easter!

  3. saminathan sami says:

    Dear David Timms. Good evening , Thanks for your sent Lent Days messages I am very use full to service

    Regards sami

  4. Scott says:

    Thanks David for your service! You have challenged and edified me. May God give you tremendous joy this Easter.

  5. Paula franklin says:

    Thank you so much David for enabling me and others to share, in the light of Christ, your Lenten journey.

    • David Timms says:

      Paula, it’s always good to be part of a “fellowship of fasting.” Thanks for being part of it. Blessings in these next 50 days leading to Pentecost! 🙂

  6. Phil McKinley says:

    Our journey is much like that of the cross: foes on one side and allies on the other. As His return nears, let us be aware that people on the left or the right might respond to the gospel in spite of the foes that degrade His name. Keep your light’s burning for those who are seeking.

  7. David, as I look back on this Lenten season, thank you for leading us through an amazing journey together. Self-denial is so good for me, and I am grateful that this is continuing today in my life. My time of attentiveness to the Lord was personally significant and amplified His grace. You bless me, brother!

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