Lent: Day 37

We began Lent six weeks ago, today. It may feel more like six months to some of us.

Some of us have made great strides during this season. We’ve scaled new spiritual heights—perhaps our first fast for this long; perhaps our most sustained spiritual discipline in the past twelve months.

Others of us are dealing with “What if” and “If only.” What if I’d been a little more dedicated to the process? What might have happened if I had stretched myself even more? If only I had not slipped in the third week. If only I had built more support around myself so it wouldn’t be so difficult.

Back-patting on the one hand; hand-wringing on the other. Of course, neither response is necessary.


Lent is never about proving ourselves to Christ. It’s simply space we create for Him because we love Him and yearn to know Him at a deeper level.

If Lent has not risen to your expectations—if you feel as though you dropped the ball—how about create a unique space for Christ in these remaining few days? We have three more days before Easter. What a perfect time to pursue Him with renewed vigor.

Use these next few days not to finish Lent but to prepare for Easter. Perhaps make Good Friday a special day of prayer, reading, and fasting.

May our hearts be filled with His Presence as we approach this weekend.

Lord Jesus, You know the ups and downs that mark my life. You know my heart’s desire to know You more deeply. Fill me afresh with a spiritual longing and yearning, that I may see You anew this Easter. Amen.

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