Lent: Day 29

Barbara Brown Taylor writes:

“While Pilate and the chief priests conspired to solve their mutual problem, Jesus stood at the center of the stage like a mirror in which all those around Him saw themselves clearly for who they were…. He offered Himself as a mirror they could see themselves in, and they were so appalled by what they saw that they smashed it. They smashed Him every way they could…. In His presence, people either fall down to worship Him or do everything they can to extinguish His light.”

Lent has a way of bringing out our best and our worst. We can feel the nobility of pursuing Christ one moment, and the shame of failing Him in the next.


He truly does function as a mirror. And the more we see of Him, the more pleasant it is. The more that His light exposes our darkness, the more we want to hide.

We resist Him in a thousand ways—when we ignore injustice, when we resign ourselves to sin, when we remain silent about our faith, when we walk away from His Bride, and more.

Today, will we live a life that worships Him or one that extinguishes His light? As You look to Him, what do you see of yourself?

Father, I’m so inconsistent. I want to live fully devoted to Jesus, seeing Him more fully and reflecting Him more fully to the world around me. Your grace drives me to my knees in gratitude. Amen.

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2 Responses to Lent: Day 29

  1. Tim Brokaw says:

    Great quote. Any citation for my records in case I quote it? Thanks.

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