Lent: Day 28

With Easter looming just two weeks from now, it’s easier to reflect on Jesus’ death than our own.

Barbara Cawthorne Crafton has written:

“We can scarcely bring ourselves to think about our own end. Only rarely do we allow ourselves to wonder by what means death will come to us, and even then we cannot think about it for very long. Human beings are not built to look death in the face for long stretches of time. We need to feel our own continuation.”


How did Jesus feel in those couple of weeks leading to His death? If you had just fourteen days left to live (and knew it), would you lose focus—lose control—lose faith?

The glory of His last two weeks is that He did nothing heroic or superhuman. He walked towards Jerusalem as an act of obedience, but His death (like ours) was soaked in sorrow, betrayal, and defeat.

As Crafton writes: “Truly human, he tasted our despair. Truly God, he redeems it.”

Perhaps this Lent has been about more than simply the death of an appetite for you or someone you know. If death itself has walked to your doorstep, take the hand of the One who holds us tightly. Weep. Glance away. But hold on.

Jesus, as I walk with You through the valley of the shadow of death, grant me Your grace to remain firm in faith. When death threatens more than my diet or social media habits, guard my soul. Amen.

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2 Responses to Lent: Day 28

  1. How precious it is to know that Jesus walks with us in the sunshine and in the shadows. When he is beside us, we can face every life circumstance with hope and victory, even the valley of the shadow of death. Thank you, David, for encouraging us and reminding us about what is truly important during this holy season. As Jesus approached the cross, everyone deserted him, but he will never desert us when we face our dark nights of the soul.

    • David Timms says:

      Cheri, you’re absolutely right. Having endured the darkest of nights, Christ comes alongside us in our bleakest moments and gives grace and hope. Nothing compares!

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