Lent: Day 24

“For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory, far beyond all comparison.” (2 Corinthians 4:17; NASB)

Suffering and affliction.

Those two words are surely too strong to describe our Lenten fast, hard as it may feel some days. We’ve made a choice for a season, for a specific number of days, in a specific area. But what we have given up for Lent gives us just the tiniest taste of hardship; a glimpse of how something “difficult” can touch us spiritually.

Who knew that the absence of Coke, caffeine, or chocolate could cause such rebellion and frustration within us?


The apostle Paul blows our minds when we consider his suffering for the cause of Christ—shipwrecks, beatings, floggings, hunger, sleeplessness, danger, stoning, imprisonment, and so much more on a regular basis. Surely he could have lamented with Job. But instead he describes it as “momentary, light affliction” that feels insignificant compared to the “eternal weight of glory” that lies ahead.

How do we handle our own setbacks, disappointments, hardships, and sufferings?

Lent gives us a controlled environment to check our faith and our hearts in this regard. The eye that is set on the present difficulty will always hold us back until we lift it to the future glory that awaits us through Christ.

Father, I’m so easily distracted by tough things, tough times, and tough people. Help me, today, to find courage and confidence in Your promises and the glory that awaits. Amen.

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