Lent: Day 23

About now some of us are drifting. We’re finding that our Lenten fast has subtly shifted focus.

Out of Focus

We gave up certain foods and find that we’re feeling healthier, and perhaps have even lost a couple of pounds over the last 4 weeks. Our eye is on the scales.

Or we’ve given up something that has freed up more hours in our day, and we’re pleased and starting to think more about how to use those hours after Lent.

Or our Lenten choice has saved us money that we were spending every day, and now we find ourselves counting it and planning how to spend it.

What has happened to Jesus?

Not all of us, of course, experience this imperceptible change. But many of us do, by this stage of the journey. It’s tough to stay alert after almost a month.

How shall we respond?

Option one: Just let Lent morph. Don’t fight it. Let it take its course.
Option two: Berate ourselves for our lack of focus and feel bad about our lack of discipline.
Option three: Catch ourselves, acknowledge the reality, and decide to finish strongly.

I like the latter option.  We have just 18 fast days to go. Let’s make these 18 days of spiritual significance.

Lord Jesus, revive me I pray. Where I have been distracted, please refocus me. Where I have been undisciplined, please rejuvenate me. I want to finish this season strongly with You. More of You; less of me. Amen.

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