Lent: Day 18

Memorials matter; not just to recall the past but to guide the present.

In the Old Testament, God instructed the people of Israel to observe the Passover on an annual basis. The special meal accompanied a retelling of how God delivered the nation from slavery in Egypt. They prepared the food a particular way, then gathered and told the story a particular way.

It formed a ritual—and still does.

Stone Memorial

Israel also piled up stones in various places around the country as a reminder of God’s Presence, blessing, and provision. Similarly, Jesus told His disciples to eat and drink “in remembrance of Me.” The Lord knows that we benefit enormously from structured seasons and events to remember Him, to turn to Him, and to honor Him.

Lent is such a season.

Detractors look askance at Lent. They feel no need or desire for it. And that’s entirely fine. But, much like the annual Passover to the Jews, Lent keeps something before us that otherwise might slip off the radar. It keeps Christ central. And it reminds us that self-denial is foundational to the Way of Jesus.

We need not second-guess Lent. The practice of fasting serves both body and soul. Lent helps us look backward with gratitude so that we might look forward with hope.

Let’s press forward with great resolve, motivated by love for Jesus, and gratitude for what He does daily for us.

Lord Jesus, may my Lenten fast today provoke within me a fresh desire to remember You … to turn to You … and to honor You.  Amen.         

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2 Responses to Lent: Day 18

  1. Too often, we view the Christian life in terms of blessings rather than sacrifice. Thank you, Dr. Timms, for reminding us how little our sacrifices are in comparison with our Lord’s great gift. For each small thing we give up and burden we lay down, we are taking another step toward him, picking up our crosses, coming nearer to the end of our race where he awaits with open arms. Such a small price for knowing him.

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