Lent: Day 16

Last Lent, Dr. Dennis Jameson, our Provost at William Jessup University, wrote the following:

Imagine this. For 400 years the people of Israel were treated as things and objects and not as human beings. Children, parents, and grandparents for generations had existed only as slaves. Abuse corrupted the fundamental psychology of an entire people group.

Upon their exodus from Egypt, God initiated a 40-year learning program that involved a hopeless student population (homeless, destitute, legacy slaves), an unlikely teacher (a rebellious outcast), and an unconventional classroom (a desert wilderness). But the learning objectives were unequivocal. “You are NOT slaves. You are Kingdom royalty, stewards over God’s creation, and children of the Most High God; made in His image and destined for eternity.”

They began their journey as slaves and arrived at their destination as conquerors charged to possess the land.

Dennis JamesonThankfully, our Lenten experience won’t be 40 years long—just 40 days. But the curriculum has the same ultimate objectives—to remind us that we are no longer slaves. We are Kingdom royalty, stewards, and children of God.

As we journey with Christ through this season, the purpose is not suffering but sanctification. The goal is not hardship but holiness.

May that process of divine re-creation continue within each of us today.

Lord, break me, melt me, mold me, and make me. Draw me further out of Egypt and more toward Your promises and plans for my life today. For the glory of Christ. Amen.         

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