Lent: Day 14

“And a poor widow came and put in two small coins, which amount to a cent.” (Mark 12:42; NASB)

Mark writes that Jesus sat down opposite the money-box in the Temple and began to watch how people gave. That may have been a bit awkward.

Some of the wealthier folk gave out of the overflow of their abundance. But a poor widow, with barely two coins to rub together, came and gave all she had! And Jesus noticed.


As I mentioned last week, a traditional element of Lent is almsgiving—not just writing a larger check for the church but specifically giving more to the poor. In this season when we learn just a little of what it means to go without, we reach out to help those who always have to go without.

Spring (Lent) is not just the season for some soul-cleansing, but also the season for sowing new hope in the lives of others. And generosity achieves both purposes.

If Jesus sat watching us write our checks and pull out our credit cards at stores and restaurants, would He also see in us hearts of generosity towards others? Perhaps today’s a good day to drop off a gift at a local food bank, or mail a check to a Rescue Mission, or slip a gift to a homeless person.

Perhaps every Thursday in Lent would be a good day for such gifts.

Father, may my heart reflect Yours. May generosity and grace flow from me to others, even as it has flowed from You to me. Open the way before me to give—for Your glory. Amen. 

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2 Responses to Lent: Day 14

  1. Dick and Doris says:

    Doris and I have been giving to the poor thru KIVA… an organization who make small-short-term loans to the struggling in other nations. They can start or grow their business or other mannor of making a living… These are no interest loans and so far, We have never had ONE of them fail. The failure rate on MC and Visa is about 20% in this nation of wealth. The poor seem to have better ethics. We keep re-loaning the money as it comes back in, and we usually add more… This is fun. We get updates about the loan progress and the peoples progress… Love your insight David…

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