The Light Cometh

They were dark days. Perhaps the darkest.

Cruelty, brutality, violence, disease, and death left most people in despair. Survival drove people to extreme measures. Loyalty meant little. Families were fractured. Communities bred suspicion and competition. Could it be more bleak? The first century was not for the faint-hearted.

And the apostle John, in a moment of classic understatement, wrote: “The Light shines in the darkness…. There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every person.” (John 1:5, 9)

Advent, which simply means “arrival,” refers to the month-long period leading to Christmas. It marks a season of repentance and expectation.

Most of us tend to be fixated on the single day we call Christmas. We buy gifts right up until Christmas Eve. We prepare food—and sometimes lots of it—in preparation for the day. Decorations go up. Cards go out. “Must. Beat. December 25th.”

But for those of us who follow Jesus, Advent may produce a richer spiritual experience than Christmas Day. Advent invites us to seek, experience, and share the Light in a new way, not with a sudden burst on a single day but steadily over some weeks.

The Light that John wrote about is not defined by refracted rays but by restored lives. The Light—which is Christ—shines in our shadows. He gives clarity to the unsure, confidence to the fearful, and hope to the broken.

Growing up, I assumed that Christmas is for children. Yes, we remember the birth of Jesus. We may even place nativity scenes around the home. But this is really a kids’ holiday. The baby Jesus hardy appeals to adults—especially men.

How did I miss it?

In fact, this season is for everyone enveloped in darkness. It seems appropriate that Christmas falls (in the northern hemisphere) on almost the shortest and darkest day of the year. Advent speaks to the Beacon amidst the bleakness. “The Light shines in the darkness.”

And I wonder. While I receive the Light of Christ into the darkness of my own life, will I be the Light of Christ in the darkness of someone else’s life this season? Does His coming to me, prompt my going to others?

Christ has arrived. And His continual coming commissions our going. Do we have sufficient courage and conviction to respond?

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9 Responses to The Light Cometh

  1. says:

    Yes! A beautiful post Dr Timms. Thank you Lord Jesus for Your Light in our lives and the lives of all whom we encounter! May we carry Your Light to the world! Heide
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  2. Scott says:

    Thanks David for your post. The insights, the content, even the style of your writing always speaks to me and most importantly I feel in it the fabric of the Spirit. Have a blessed Christmas my friend!

    • David Timms says:

      Scott, you are always thoughtful and gracious. Glad to see the recent report of how the Lord has been working in and through your ministry. Blessings to you, too, my friend.

  3. Jan Neff says:

    I read something interesting recently. On our birthdays we celebrate us, get presents, cards, choose our meal or where we want to eat, get cake, etc. So what do we do diferrently on the day we celebrate Christ’s birthday? For too many it’s about the presents WE want, the food We want, etc. etc. Hmmmmm

    • David Timms says:

      Yes, Jan, the giving and receiving parts of our lives need constant review. It’s probably good to be able to do both. If we can’t receive gratefully and graciously, do we deprive someone else the blessing of giving?

  4. Tim Ross says:

    If we truly remember that God is with us wherever we go and we make that a part of our conscious reality then we really can be the Light of the World. I think a lot of quenching the Spirit comes from our lack of consciousness that God is with us and ready to shine His marvelous light into whatever situation we are in. When I am aware, I can then respond, and good things happen because of Him who is in us.

  5. David Stanford says:

    Hi David

    Good insights and thoughts

    Mate have a great Christmas in the darkest day of the year from us with the lightest day of the year

    Say hi to Kim and the family

    Blessings David

    David Stanford Community Minister Lifestreams Christian Church PO Box 1075 Bentley DC 6983 p: 08 9313 1600 f: 08 9313 1604 m: 0431 531 565

    ‘Helping people find and follow Christ’ ________________________________

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