What We Affirm

As followers of Jesus, we are resurrection people.

Death holds no power;
God holds us fast;
Faith and hope define our lives. 
We will not be shaken.

Hardship will not discourage us.
Trouble will not dissuade us.
Stress will not overcome us.
Fear will not dominate us.

Our brokenness is being healed.
Our fallenness is being transformed.
Our tears will be wiped away.
Our heartache will be comforted.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God.
Nothing can rip us from the hand of God.
Nothing can keep us from the Presence of God.
Nothing can steal from us the blessing of God.

We are the resurrection people.

Our past is forgiven.
Our future is secure.

We do not dread suffering.
e do not avoid responsibility.
We embrace the cross of Jesus as our own.
We claim the victory of the resurrection for ourselves.

The Lord calls us, and we respond.
The Lord stands with us, and we rejoice.
The Lord strengthens us, and we rise up.
The Lord delivers us, and we celebrate.

Christ is our Savior.
He is our King.

We acknowledge our dependence.
We confess our commitment.
We declare our allegiance.

May the cross consume us.
May the empty tomb inspire us.
May Jesus guide us.
May His blessing rest on us.

We are the resurrection people.

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11 Responses to What We Affirm

  1. WOW! So Powerful this reminder! Thank you .. I am going to distribute this to others that I love. Thank you once again David!

  2. Judi Murdoch says:

    Oh David, lovely devotion and beautiful thoughts to meditate on. Amen and amen!

  3. Ed Skidmore says:

    David, That is such a powerful statement of affirmation! I plan to use it Sunday as a responsive reading at the end of my sermon on the cross. Such a blessing! Thanks.

  4. Joyce Allan says:

    Well, when you put it like that…

    Thanks for the reminder that the victory has already been won, and it is ours forever! Now I just have to live like I believe it…working on it every day. This is definitely going up on my “inspiration bulletin board” and will be shared.

    Thanks, David!

  5. G Wells says:

    Excellent….it fills the need we are experiencing in our lives today. Thanks you.

  6. William Mathes says:

    Wonderful consoleing thoughts ! !
    Thank you,
    W. T. Mathes

  7. Mike says:

    Thanks David, I am going to read this tonight at the nursing home for the seniors. They will really like to hear the benifits of being a Christian.(We are the resurrection people)

  8. Tom says:

    So concise and well said … may I share this with a couple of interdenominational Men’s Groups that I am speaking to? If I may, I’d like to share it at God’s Living Room as well… I am so grateful to God for you – and for all you have invested into me, as one of God’s Resurrection people! (I’ll mention your books as well.)

  9. David Timms says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind feedback. These are words that I wrote for this past Easter, and realized that I need them more than once a year. I sometimes lose sight of the hope that is ours as “resurrection people.” I’m glad your hearts have resonated with mine on this. Blessings.

  10. Stanley says:

    Hi Brother David, I received this lessons from Dad Timms, every Christians needed to remember and live with this thoughts always, so then only the resurrected Jesus, one day rise from the dead.

    so i and our Indian church pray for you and ministries.

    thanking you

    Stanley and Radha – southern india

    email. preacherstanley@gmail.com

  11. Christine says:

    I will be sharing this timely reminder with my sister whose beautiful 29 year old daughter went to be with the Lord two years ago 2 For Praise God that you take time to listen to the voice of
    God daily.

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